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Calculator question

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We are using saxon algebra 2, and having trouble with our scientific calculator. Our Texas instruments TI30x doesn't work the same way as indicated in the book. Dd is so frustrated. We have been figuring it out each time a new type of calculation is done, but she is stumped again on some problems with scientific notation, powers, and roots.


For my sanity sake I just want to get one that works the same way as the text.


Anyone advice welcome.



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I'm not familiar with the calculator you're using, but dd used a basic (inexpensive) Casio scientific calculator and it worked well. In lesson 68, they say that the instructions are for calculators which use algebraic operating systems. Maybe someone knows if that's what yours is, or if not, which one might be.

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It could also just be a matter of having it on a wrong setting or something simple like that. I think that Saxon has teachers you can talk with - I haven't tried it other than for placement, but you might call and ask them if there's a way to make your calculator work as in the examples. Maybe you could call, or e-mail, Texas Instruments and ask them for help. Just a thought.

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