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Ok Hive: tomorrow is my purchasing day so pls take a look...

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The money is just not there for Calvert. In a way I'm

Relieved. ...4th grade has been great but not Worth the money and next year I wouldn't be able to combine my kids. I think the thing that redeemed the length of day this year was that I combined my 2nd child into my older child's Calvert art and history lessons....


So I really really was considering MFW RTR...but...we already read some of the books, and it just didn't seem necessary to get a program that I'd have to tweak when I could save money doing my "own thing.". Plus I fear I may not like it. I have had much more success with an eclectic approach than boxed, in general.


So....I will be buying all of this tomorrow:



Saxon 6/5 (already own)

Hake Grammar and Writing 5

Abeka Science and Health 5

Evan Moor Poetry 5-6

Elementary Greek 2 (already own)

ACE Word Building 5

Map Skills for Today

Kids Ruby Programming




ACE Word Building 3


Saxon Math 3 workbook (we have the TM)

Abeka Science and Health 3

Legends and Leagues (Mr. Tardy)



Apologia Who is God




SOTW 2 w/activity book (own)

Monks and Mystics (loved Peril and Peace!)

Galen and Gateway to Medicine

How the Bible Came to Us (found these on rainbow- didnt copy from MFW, really.)


For Spelling, I decided on ACE because I really loved it and it works and is easy to use. The kids don't mind it too much.


We love Abeka Science. We all end up reading it together because we find it so enjoyable. So we should stick with that. And I love their health books.


So basically not much new, mostly tried and true here.


And this is only 400.00 instead of 1800 for Calvert! In fact when I first typed that difference on Another board I was sort of shocked.



Read more: http://homeschoolhangout.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=homeschool&action=display&thread=647#ixzz1le1lPy4e

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It's a minor thing, but has your ds5th had map skills before? My dd5th did not, and Map Skills for Today 5 was a bust. Had to get Maps Charts Graphs and start in level A. She loved that and raced through A, B, and now currently doing C (still in 5th). Just a thought. cbd has good samples to view.

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Perky, that was good input. Thanks. Yes my son has had map skills this year and two previous. Did you like that series otherwise?


Well, both series are in color, which was an absolute requirement for us. As I am, this moment, examining the 5th grade version of both, the biggest difference I see is that Map Skills for Today requires more writing. It tends to have fill in the blank answers or questions which require a written response, whereas Maps Charts Graphs E is mostly multiple choice. (Multiple choice works better for us.)


Also, Map Skills reads a bit more like a textbook, whereas Maps Charts Graphs reads a bit friendlier to me for some reason. Not narrative. I can't quite put my finger on it. It doesn't try to hit too many topics one one page, whereas Map Skills does. Perhaps that's what I mean. However, MCG is definitely more focused on ability to read different kinds of maps, charts, and graphs whereas MSFT covers more regional geography. Actually, I can see where that would be a nice supplement if my dd's map skills were up to it.


Hope this helps. :)

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Thanks for checking everyone.


Crystal, I was going to update you but hadn't gotten to it yet. Thanks for being happy for us. My kids will be really happy with most of this, which is also good!


Bloggermom- my dd is using PLL which is a CM replacement for FLL/WWE. Since I have it and love it and dd loves it and it worked great with ds I won't look elsewhere. As for my older ds he needs more repetition so I think Hake Grammar will be fantastic for him. Plus he loves Saxon math so he's very excited about Saxon Grammar. :)


But I will most likely use ILL after PLL for my dd from 4th-6th.

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