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Another sewing machine question: embroidery machine?

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I have a combo sewing/embroidery machine. It's the Brother SE400 - about $362 at WalMart.


It is the cheap end of the machines, but there is no way I can afford a $5000 machine!


Anyway - it has been fabulous. I am limited to a 4x4 inch embroidery field, and I'd love to use bigger designs, but a machine with that capability was more $$$ than I could spend.


In order to design your own, you'll need software. I use PE Design Studio 7. I'm able to make a design out of almost any image I can get on my computer, and I can use any font on my computer for words.


It can be very frustrating, but the results are fantastic.

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I have a 10 year old Brother ULT. I use it but not nearly often enough.


The software is what you will need to make your own designs or get new designs.


It is quite costly. Not only do you need to buy the machine, but you need to buy the software, buy something to transfer the software design onto the machine (higher end machines do this through either a CD rom drive or hooked up directly to the machine. Lower end machines will need a device to transfer it onto a blank embroidery card.)


I have two embroidery software programs. I use Embird. When my PC died I found that there is now an embroidery software designed for the Mac called Embrilliance. So, I purchased that one.


The largest hoop my machine takes is 6x10. Some of the newer machines have much larger hoops, but are also about 5 times the cost of what I paid for mine. If I were REALLY into it, I would look at one, but for occasional use, like what I do, I really can't justify the cost.



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I have two. I have a embroidery one machine Brother 750D that has a max of a 5 x 7 field and a Brother ULT2001 that is a combo machine with a max 6 x 10 field. I use it as an embroidery one as I have multiple projects going at once. I use PED software and also a free one for designs. One of the machines connects to the PC. Depending on the design is what machine gets it. I love both of mine and they are used weekly or daily depending on work. I also buy designs from certain embroidery sites online.

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