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What resources (books, websites, etc.) are there for information regarding different learning styles and how to teach. My dd8 and dd6 are very different learners and I already find that something I used for dd (curriculum) will not work for ds. Ds is not good at sitting still, more hands on, etc. He is that learner where random advice I have read says to have him bounce on an exercise ball during school, give him thinking putty, etc. I want to know how far to take that. I want him to just learn to sit still (like he'd have to do in school) and not be so active! :tongue_smilie: But, I more importantly want him to learn! There has to be a healthy balance, right? My f-i-l, a grown man, cannot sit still. It drives me nuts. My ds is similar to my f-i-l in many ways. I don't want him to be this adult that always is moving and never picks up a book! (though he is a very hard worker that accomplishes much).


Anyways, what do you have for me?! :001_smile: I am so "frazzled" about ds not catching on to reading like I would like. :chillpill: I know there are late readers, etc., and I am trying to be patient but it is frustrating.

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I am so "frazzled" about ds not catching on to reading like I would like. :chillpill: I know there are late readers, etc., and I am trying to be patient but it is frustrating.




I know how hard it is to have an active boy, and especially one who isn't learning "on time." My eldest was like this, and my youngest is exhibiting the same traits. I was frustrated back when Jazz was six, then seven, then almost eight and still not reading. He finally was able to read BOB books on his own at age eight, and flew right up to Harry Potter by age nine. At fourteen now he reads anything he wants, and that includes Dickens, Tolkien, Carroll, and original (well, translated) Grimm's tales, as well as some rather sophisticated sci-fi.


Some kids learn in leaps, not gradual slopes. I'm having my youngest go at a pace that doesn't frustrate him. He's doing Explode the Code and some OPGTR every week. When that gets old we take a break, or play games, or watch literacy or foreign language dvds (or turn on subtitles during Wild Kratts :tongue_smilie: ).


A couple of links you might want to check out are http://throwingmarshmallows.homeschooljournal.net/r-b-resources/ and



And a yahoo group I've found enormously helpful over the years is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/homeschoolingcreatively/


Fingers crossed that you find what you are looking for!

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