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WWYD: Involve SL


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I purchased, what was advertised as Core H. It's in beautiful condition, but it's clearly Core W. The difference being that one is the Second Half of World History and the other is just One Year condensed.


Now, I'm not upset about the issue at all, instead I'm in a bit of a quandary. I have a few options open to me:


1. I sell Core W & use the funds to obtain Core H as originally intended.


2. I use Core W & thus easily leave the window open for a full year of Aussie History without wondering where/when/how I'll fit it in.


3. I put it away and use it down the road as a recap if needed.



I lean towards 1 because that was my original intention. My plan was to use Core H for grades 7 & possibly with a younger student who'd be in grade 6. At the same time I've had the idea of working in an Aussie History year for a while now, but I don't know that I can work it in as the 7/8 grade year because of what I had planned for it, iykwim.


So, what would you personally do?

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Loving the P&F avatar! :lol:


I purchased it from a used homeschool board and it had to be rerouted from the US to here so it's a bit late to bother with refunds. I honestly haven't poured over it any at all to see if it will fit my needs/wants. I had just intended to do World History for two years.


While fitting in Aussie history is important to me, I can fit it in while doing other studies. That's not a HUGE issue. So much of it ties in with other studies just like US History ties in {time frame wise} with World History. ;)

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I guess it would depend on how much it cost?


Is it what I really wanted? Language Arts? or just History?


I am going with option 1.


Personally I purchased Core W last Spring and started using it but had major health issues, and kept on doing read alouds, CHOW History, and then had to have surgery.


The main reason I don't like it is that it is too much reading for me, and I have a wide range of children and need something to better fit the wide gap.


I am selling my IG's and some of the books. Some of them we won't read, some look great!


I wanted more freedom to choose, and should have known better. I have tried MFW and did not like it either. I am glad many people like both curriculums.


Reading TWTM 3rd edition and making my own as well as using Easy Classical as a guide for the History Cycle, and browsing Ambleside today after years of trying to do CC at home and the 3 R's, IEW, Latin, and Ministry.


Now pregnant with baby 8 and needing structure I chose the Easy Classical 4th grade ( much simpler plan) mainly to have a plan and do history and science lessons together. I am going with Spelling Power, for all 4th grade and up. IEW for 2 oldest (Medieval History) and waiting on a book from CBD for handwriting and history combined, Math is different for all of ours and it has been a juggling act to get what seems a good fit.:grouphug: still, I like the freedom to choose more than Sonlight having it all laid out. I just can't handle the huge piles of lessons! I think it would have been easier if I had tried it long ago.


TWTM suggests studying State history at the end of the year so we will see. We have to cover US history in 2 years. There is so much to cover and we have only skimmed over it in the past.

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I'm confused....have you done the first year of world history yet? If so, then how would using core W work at all? Or save you time? Wouldn't you be doing a year of history either way, either the second half of world or a full year overview...but either way it is a full year. I don't see how that would help. Unless you meant you were going to do G next year, then H the year after? Or you meant you would only do half of W, and use the rest of the time for Aussie history?

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I wouldn't settle either. I think the condensed cores are not as good as the whole cores. Since you said you can fit in Aussie history with other stuff easily, I would try to go for your original plan.


So either sell Core W as a whole or, since you have many of the books for Core H (is that right?) now, maybe you can just sell the Core W IG without the books, and get the books you need used somewhere to complete Core H. I guess whichever would save me money is what I would do.

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