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Why does this continue to happen to me?

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This is a really odd problem that keeps reoccuring, my red nose!! Lately I have been experiencing a red nose, but it only happens after I sit down. I am usually on the go all day, from the time I wake up until the time I go to be I move almost all day. But if I am to sit still for a long period of time, my nose starts to turn red, and it gets redder and redder until I get up and move again. It's becoming embarrassing, I can't go out and sit down for more than ten minutes when my nose turns red!! I don't know what to do about it, it's just really bothering me and I don't like it.


Does anyone know the cause of the problem maybe? Like right now, my nose is really red...:glare:

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Hmmm... I have a friend with Reynauld's Syndrome and she has the red nose and cold hands and feet.


Not saying that is what you have, but it could be a possibility.


I'm sure someone can suggest other things too, so don't google anything.


I won't!:001_smile: Lol, but my hands are always cold unless I warm them up...., not going to Google, not going to google!:D


It also just started to happen about a month ago, my sister has the same issue except it spreads to her cheeks and nose. I don't understand what it could be. We live in a basement, unfinished, so it doesn't have a lot of heat. It usually only happens when I get too warm, or hot after I have gone from being cold for awhile. It stays like this for a long time afterward too.

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