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We got our new puppy!

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Thank you so much for all the help I was provided here. We ended up getting our Golden Retriever puppy today from a Golden Retriever Rescue Organization. The story of our puppy is this:


The Golden Rescue organization (GRR) keeps an eye out for dogs that need help in the surrounding states. The found the mama dog in a KY shelter and called to inquire about getting her. It turns out she was scheduled to be put down the next day and the shelter would not hold her till they could get to her. So the GRR found someone local who would be willing to go get her. At that time it was not known that she was pregnant.


Once they got her, they used a series of volunteers to get her several hours north into my neck of the woods. Two days later, in her foster home, the dog surprised everyone by having 5 puppies.


Meanwhile we had decided we wanted a puppy and were researching like crazy to learn all we could including picking all of your minds. It was between a Bichon and a Golden for me. I loved the characteristics of Bichon's but wanted a dog I could run and play with. Plus I always loved Goldens.


Someone here suggested to look at Petfinder instead of going through a breeder (too expensive anyway). It was there I discovered the GRR organization. I contacted them and found out that one of their dogs had just had puppies so I submitted my application and scheduled my home visit. I was so impressed with GRR. They really care about their dogs. Once I was approved I had to wait for the puppies to reach 8 weeks. It gave us time to learn how to raise a puppy, train and learn all we could.


I prayed for our dog, that he would be a perfect fit for our family. I wanted something I would fall in love with and my kids could as well. Today our pup was finally ready to come home. I nearly cried at seeing him for the first time. He had been living in his foster home 2 1/2 hours away so I had only seen pictures and read about his temperament.


He has been home with us now for about 6 hours. He has gone potty outside 3 times with only 1 accident so far. He has been loving and playful and sleepy and wonderful! In fact we have already taught him to sit for a treat. I can't believe it, but he really does it! I wanted to share a picture of our puppy and thank everyone for their help and guidance.


Video of our first meeting:



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Oh, what a sweet face!


Now I see why everyone kept telling me that my puppy looked like a Golden Retriever. She really looked quite similar except for the ears.


I'll be he'll be a wonderful addition to your family. I honestly cannot believe how much we love our dog.


Edit: I forgot to ask what you've named him?

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What rescue did you go through? I live 30 minutes north of Cincinnati and have been wanting a golden puppy. I scour Petfinder almost daily. I have to get my hubby on board though (hehe). We have a 6 month old dog thatneeds a playmate and I've always wanted a golden. So happy things worked out for you and for Murphy :001_smile:

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What rescue did you go through? I live 30 minutes north of Cincinnati and have been wanting a golden puppy. :001_smile:


Check out 4 Paws 4 Ability in Xenia. They train service animals, and when a dog doesn't meet their rigorous standards, they adopt it out. That's where we got our golden rescue. She's a sweet, but obnoxious girl :lol:. I can see why she flunked out!

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