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Anyone who has use MCT...I have lots of ?s!


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I have just discovered this program on the forums here and I love the looks of it. We currently use Abeka 2/FLL 2 for my dd7 and FLL 3/WWE 2 for my dd9. I'd love to do use a program that I can use for the two of them together. What's MCT like? Do you use all the components of it? What is the writing portion like? What things do you love/dislike? I'm in the information gathering stage, so anything you can tell me is appreciated. Thanks!!

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I used the Island level with 9 and 7 yo boys. We all loved it and are now using the Town level together. We began by reading the grammar book (Grammar Island) together. I didn't have a schedule. We just read as long as the boys were focused and interested. Then we started reading the writing book (Sentence Island) together, but we skipped the writing excercises. They were much too open-ended and creative for the boys. (We supplement writing with WWE and IEW). We added in four-level analysis using a couple sentences daily from Practice Island (or whatever our schedule allowed). We worked on the sentences together using a whiteboard.


When we finished Sentence Island, we started on Building Language, the vocab book. Many people have said that this is the weakest book of the series, but the boys and I really enjoyed it as a gentle introduction to why we learn Latin stems. I love how he incorporated the Latin-English-Spanish connection. I love the personification of each stem. We loved coming up with similies and reading the stem poems.


We read Music of the Hemispheres after finishing the other books (other than Practice Island--we continued analyzing a few sentences weekly). I was astounded by the poetics. My oldest son got a lot out of it (as did I!!!). I didn't expect the boys to really grasp every aspect--there was SO much, but they understood more than I expected them to.


As I mentioned, we are now using the Town level and loving it. I supplement with writing exercises from WWE and IEW rather than doing the exercises in MCT (though we read the writing book) and also we diagram the sentences after doing the 4-level analysis (I am teaching myself diagramming and then I show the boys, they don't use a specific resource for that). I wouldn't skip any component. We have also added in some of MCT's literature study.

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