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sewing machine help

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When trying to sew today, the bottom thread doesn't sew at all. From the top, it looks like it is sewing correctly, but when you're finished, the thread will just pull right out of the fabric, like the bottom thread isn't even stitching. I'm not sure if I'm explaining this right, but if you know what I'm talking about, how do I fix this situation?

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Start by completely re-threading the whole machine. Make sure you actually have enough thread in the bobbin - if you've run out, what you've described will happen. Check the tensions. It *could* be something more serious, but usually re-threading will do the trick. (It's kind of like re-booting a computer!)

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That sounds like your machine is acting as if there is no lower thread at all (like when you run out of thread on the bobbin but don't notice it right away). So if you have thread in the bobbin, something is either not loaded correctly or is not drawing up correctly.


First, check to see if your bobbin is loaded correctly. I usually take mine out and put it back in again checking to see that it rotates the correct way. Then, when you hold your top thread and rotate the wheel to bring up the lower thread, it should be pulled up. Then, test stitch.


When you have the bobbin out, poke around down there to see if there is a gunk built up, a broken thread stuck there, or anything else.


If that isn't the problem, check your tensions. The top thread tension is easy to check. Try tightening or loosening it and do some test stitching. Fiddling with the lower bobbin tension can be tricky. Do that only as a last resort.


Sometimes I just wind another bobbin just to see if there is something "wonky" with the first one. If I don't have my thread threaded through every little thing correctly when I wind the bobbin, it might look OK but the balance and tension are so far off that it's a disaster. Again, I do this if I'm stumped.



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