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bought bag of sweet mini peppers, now what?

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Picked up a bag of sweet mini peppers at Costco. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. :D Especially, what to do to get my kids to eat them. I'm going to make fajitas tonight, but beyond that I'm kinda clueless, esp since I need to use them all fairly quickly.


ETA: can I sauté them and then freeze them to add to stuff later? Maybe in strips or pureed and frozen to sneak into spaghetti sauce or soups?



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I put sweet pepper in pretty much everything I put onion in. From chili to eggs. Yesterday I bought a bag of sweet peppers and used one in scrambled eggs.


Peppers are easy to freeze if you prefer to go that route. Just dice them and freeze.


:iagree: We put them in everything. When I find a good deal on them, I buy a ton and dice/slice and freeze them in qt freezer bags. I just scoop some out to add to whatever I'm cooking. Fresh they are great in salads and with dips.

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