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National Merit Finalist!


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We received the official letter and certificate in today's mail. We also received DS's acceptance letter to his first choice university this week, which will give him a full-tuition scholarship for NMF status.


We are praising God for His providence!


Also, thank you, SWB, for providing some of the confidence, materials, and support on our journey.

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My congratulations is to both you and your son. I know how thrilling it is to receive that letter, as well as the sense of pride and vindication of years of work. One of mine was a NMFinalist, the other two who have reached that point were Commended Scholars. No one can ever take that away from them.


And wonderful news about the college scholarship!


My dd received word last week that she's been accepted to her #1 choice, but they don't offer any merit-based scholarships or financial aid.

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Congratulations! We got the word about my son on Friday from our school administrator. DS is a finalist as well! I think that makes three of them so far from this board - hopefully more to come! What is your first choice school? DS is looking at Texas A&M, Univ of New Mexico, and Univ of Tulsa.


Congratulations to both of you, and blessings throughout the school selection process!


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