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AG Dolls vs. the Target Dolls -- size?--

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My husband's niece has one of the dolls from Target-- My Generation or something like that?


Anyway, I have some knitting patterns for AG dolls, and I"m not sure whether they'll fit the Target dolls. When Lily unwrapped the doll on Christmas Day it seemed that her doll was slightly bigger than an AG? I'd like to knit her some sweaters, etc. but I need to know whether I should alter the pattern.


Thanks for any help!



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I think AG dolls are slightly thinner. My dd has put AG clothing on her My Generation doll and My Generation clothing on her AG dolls. The My Generation clothes appear a tiny bit loose on the AG dolls. The AG seems to fit the My Generation doll.


dd's My Generation doll is 9 or 10 years old. I do not know if sizes have changed.

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Dd has one of each. The target doll is the teeniest bit bigger, but the clothes we have fit both equally well. We have some AG doll clothes, Target doll clothes, and generic 18 inch doll cloths.




ETA: the Ag doll is Samantha, and she is about 10 yrs old (it was my sil's). The Target doll is Juliet, and she is about 1 yr old. I don't know if that makes a difference.

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Our girls all received the Our Generation (Target) dolls for Christmas. My mom bought some outfits for them from woman who sews them for AG dolls -- they all fit, but could be a bit wider, to make it easier to get on and off. They girls don't mind, though, LOL!


I think that if you are using an AG doll pattern for an Our Generation (OG) doll, make it a little wider around the middle. HTH.

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