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Teaching Textbooks Algebra (or Pre) 2.0 vs. older TT version

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Any thoughts on the 2.0 version for TT Algebra (or Pre-Algebra)? I found the older version used for $130 but can still return it next week. We are going to review this week and possible switch from Saxon as Saxon appears to be more of a preparation for dental school because it's like pulling teeth!


If we decide to go down the TT path, I'm wondering if I should just buy the 2.0 version new to get the enhancements.


Is the automated grading worth it - I have twins at the same math level - or is it just another step to enter your answer into the program?


Any thoughts out there on the additional lessons in 2.0?


Also, has anyone inquired or heard of a timetable for adding the automated grading to Algebra 2, Geometry and Pre-Calc?



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Coming from Saxon to TT Algebra.

TT 2.0 - automatic grading and instant feedback is definitely worth it. The lesson can be done directly on the computer - don't really even need the textbook, just scratch paper.

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I wouldn't pay $130 for the old version! That's what I paid for them before the new version! The old version worked very well for years, so you could get it and do fine. It'd be neat to have the new version though, I'm sure!



If you should need to cut costs, and choose to get the old version, I have the old version of Algebra 1 (all the books and CDs) for sale here for $90! Way better than $130! ;)

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I really like the automated grading with 2.0. It provides immediate feedback to let the student know whether or not they the problem is right or wrong. If it's wrong they can try it again (unless it is a true or false question or multiple choice). If they get the final answer wrong or if they don't understand why they got an answer right they can watch the solution then. It has helped my younger dd daughter since there hasn't been a lag time between doing the lesson and grading.


I would definitely go for 2.0!


God Bless,

Elise in NC

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2.0 is what convinced eldest dd to use TT. She couldn't see the point in putting a CD in to watch a lecture, then do problems from a book, have to pop in a different CD to see how to do any she got wrong, etc. I don't care so much about the automated grading but what I do love is the instant feedback on an answer entered. If she gets one wrong, she knows right away before she goes onto something else and tries again. If she still gets it wrong, she sees the worked out solution immediately -- it gets straightened out in her brain before she moves on.


Dd had never used TT before so I have no comment on the other changes from the old edition to 2.0.


Of course, the cute little buddies are the icing on the cake!


I did email them about Algebra II v.2.0. They plan to have it available by the end of July. If it works out like last year with Algebra I, it'll be mid-to-late-August before it is in our hands. I've heard nothing on Geometry. That one would be really tough to convert, I would think. But I'm not the wizs they are!

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Thanks, all!!


I'm sold on 2.0 over the older version. What I'm struggling with now is the level. I know this has been talked about to death but the 1.0 looks like almost a complete review of what my kids have already completed in Pre-Algebra (public school). Although, I'm not sure if it totally sunk in like it needs to so I'm not totally knocking using Algebra 1 TT as a review.


Maybe I'll get 2.0 in anticipation of Algebra 2 2.0 in the Fall.



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