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My huge blessing for the day!!

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We got about 15-20 inches of snow here.

Dh has been sleeping at his shop the last two nights so I haven't even thought about shoveling the driveway.

I looked out the window and sighed at the task ahead of me and went to clean the kitchen. I suited up, (all this was about 20 minutes from looking out the window). I went outside to shovel and found a huge surprise! Someone had cleared 1/2 my driveway!! We have a large driveway (three cars long by two cars wide). They cleared the most important part, the back half so that DH has someplace to park when he comes home tonight.

I never saw the person who did this. I proceeded to unbury the van and then shovel the driveway to get the car out. I left about a 12ft long by 4 ft wide by 3 ft high section of snow in the middle (it could stay there all week and I could slowly work at it).


The children were just outside playing in the snow when they started screaming at me to come outside. The man came back and finished the drive!!! Now I know who he is and where he lives so I can bake him something later. WOW what a wonderful thing to do for someone!!

I know that my neighborhood is sort of blue collar and not very showy but I love the people here. We are generous and helpful and not judgmental.


What a way for God make me feel loved!



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What a kind man!


And lucky you, living in such a beautiful place, with 15-20 inches of snow, and lovely neighbours.


Not that I'm complaining, we live in a small market town in North Yorkshire, UK, which has a wonderful community spirit and very kind, friendly people. We've only got about an inch of snow though :sad:.


Best wishes



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