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Ok, our library is not great......so I'm starting my own collection. :D

I know many of you have home libraries so tell me how you organize them! I'm losing books and buying doubles.


I want software or something online to help catalog the books. But I want more than just a catalog of my books, I want to be able to categorize them by the grade we read them or by the Tapestry year and level. I also want to be able to search or sort the books in my collection by these categories so I can know which books I need when. Does something like this exist? What do you use?

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I use BookCollector for our library. I love that it has mobile apps as well so that I keep our info with us when out and about. It does have custom fields available.




I know folks who use Delicious and Library Thing too. I don't so I don't know if they meet your requirements.

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Check out librarything.com


You can do your first 200 books for free, and see if it will do the trick. I use the 'tag' feature to sort by homeschool topic.


I use librarything.com. Even got a "lifetime membership". :) At one point it was so long since I'd logged in that I couldn't remember anything and they emailed me back quickly with some hints. I mostly think it's fun to get stats on the books we have.


I have doubles of a few books. Sometimes I'm at a library/used book sale and can't remember what I have. A mobile app. would be helpful, I suppose. I've heard you can get a scanner that will automatically put books into a system.


We don't have great organization at home. In the living room we have some of the nicer quality classics, other favorites, and coffee table books. Upstairs in the bookshelves we have a couple cases of children's books, a case for fiction, and a case for non-fiction. In the pantry I have history and literature books that are specifically used with our TOG curriculum, organized roughly by year used. The books do get mixed up. Instead of spending time keeping them nice and orderly, I spend time talking to ya'll on this forum. :)

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I just made folders on amazon.com for all my different books organized by alphabet. I have a few folders for collections as well. At home, I have two labels on each spine. The first tells me the curriculum, the second one tells me what level or year it is in. So, for example, if I have a Sonlight year 4 book, the bottom label is dark blue for Sonlight and the upper label is orange for the year. They are organized on the shelves by curriculum and year. I put a second label on a book that is in two different curricula, and try to match the level for both curricula. For books that don't belong in a curriculum, they go either by subject (science, art, history, etc.) or are put in another room. Those books that go in the other room are arranged by series or reading level, mostly because it looks nice. :)

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