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Philosophy Adventure?

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Funny you should be talking about it. It actually releases today (or tomorrow for those of us on the West Coast). I'm on the launch team and have seen a pre-release copy, and I really like it. It's well researched and extremely well organized.


I (and a bunch of other bloggers) are giving away copies of the curriculum, as well as posting our first thoughts. Hopefully there will soon be links to the other bloggers at the bottom of my post, so you can see what a variety of women have to say about it. I hope that helps!


Hopefully it's OK for me to post a link. If not, mods, please remove it with my blessing. You can find the post and giveaway in my blog in my signature.


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For anyone who may know this company...what is their um, worldview.

It says Christian, but that's a big umbrella.

DD loves Philosophy and this looks interesting, but I would want to know their 'angle' before investing.

It's pretty conservative. I think it's really hard to describe a worldview. Creation is mentioned. The best way to judge for yourself would be to take a look at the sample chapter. It's here (PDF): https://s3.amazonaws.com/homeschooladventure/Philosophy+Adventure-PreSocratics-Sample-LessonS.pdf


The sample chapter is pretty true to the rest of the curriculum. By reading the attached sample, which includes a full chapter and also the entire introduction, you should be able to judge for yourself whether it will work for you.

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That does look good! Is the "pre Socratic" one the first in a series, ie will "Socratic" and post-Socratic be next up?

There are plans in the works, but nothing is firmed up yet. This volume took 3 years to research and write, so if there are future volumes, it might be a while.


Hope that helps!

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