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Sound Reading Solutions "Remedy"

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Has anyone tried this? I've seen a few mentions to Sound Reading in old posts, but not a lot. I got the 30-day free trial and am looking through it - hope to start it on Monday. I know it says that it will seem too easy, and it really does. I still want to try it, though. Has anyone used it and done the whole program with the books and did it make a noticeable improvement in reading ease/fluency?



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I just looked b/c I have never heard of it!


To me -- my son did horribly with Headsprout, and so I have given up on computer instruction.


He needs the manipulatives in his hands, the letter tiles. Or, he needs to be able to move around more than he can with the computer. I think those are the two main things.


He couldn't do anything with Headsprout but guess, and it was horrible.


I think the computer could work for a lot of kids -- but based on my son, for some kids, they need the multisensory part, and they need an adult to really go at their speed. (Oh, I also thought Headsprout went too fast for him, even though it is apparently used by 4-year-olds, and he was a young 6 trying it.)


We tried Headsrpout with a free trial, also, and I am not sorry we tried it. I know many people whose kids did great with it. But -- if you see what I saw with my son, I can just say, it didn't get better. The computer was just not going to work for him.

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Thanks for your reply. We tried Headsprout, too, for awhile (the reading comprehension one). I hope this isn't like that. So far it seems very different - more like reading 'exercises' than school work I guess is how I want to explain it. I'd really love to hear from anyone who has done it ... I guess if he doesn't hate doing it, it can't hurt to just do it. I really would love for it to help make the leap from labored reading to more fluency.

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