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What would you do - job application problem?

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I just applied for a job where you had to do the whole application on line. I printed out and checked it multiple times and then submitted it. I just realised that in the printout that I made after submission, one section (one job that I had) has been duplicated. This duplicate section will come out at the top of the document, as though it was the most recent work, as well as further down where it should be (assuming that their printout is similar to mine and not in some completely different format).


Would you contact the (large) organisation and point out the error, or would you let them notice the problem? I know that they have had problems with this software before, but that the problems were supposedly all ironed out.


The job requires attention to detail (groan).






ETA: there are dates next to each job, so it's easy to work out the true order of my experience, it just looks a mess.

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That's a difficult one. I really don't know, but at least I'm giving you a bump. I would assume that if the problem were due to weaknesses in their software, then they would be alert to any inconsistencies in presentation. I probably wouldn't phone them, for fear they'd think I was fussing. That's not to say I think you're fussing, I understand your concern that if they receive your application and it seems poorly presented then that looks as though you may be not be capable of the necessary attention to detail. As I say, I really don't know what's best, I'd just feel really, really nervous about approaching them directly after submitting the application, but that's maybe just my natural timidness.


Best wishes



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