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Need ideas for summer...

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Considering it's been in the 60s around here with nary a hint of snow :glare:, my mind has turned to summer plans.


In years past we hsed year round. The last few summers we only did math and everybody read everyday. The problem is that my dc become too attached to electronics if they don't have some other means to occupy their minds. Of course they swim, play with friends, etc., but that doesn't take up all day every day, kwim? So, I'm thinking of tackling some subjects that we don't get to during the regular school year, or going more in depth with others. But I'd like a sort of 6-week, or 2 4-week course. Have any of you done anything like this? Almost like what a co-op would offer for enrichment purposes.

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Yes! We typically use it to do 3 intensive studies...this summer it will be a constitutional study and election process since we have an election...plan on doing some ACT prep and music, get back to the piano and guitar. The older they get, the harder it is...two week long camps, farm chores, pasture maintenance, gardening...and we really only have two months off...so we will be lucky to get to music! :)

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Here's a bump for you. :)


Just find something you've been wanting to do and haven't gotten done (which you already know). Discovering Great Artists would fit in a summer nicely. AIG's Pilgrim Progress study might fit a summer (that might be what we do this summer, I have it in the wings). You can knock out an entire science text in a summer. You can do Prima Latina easily in a summer (did that). You could visit all your state's historical sites and scrapbook them. You could visit all your state's state/national parks. You could buy 4H books and do them at home. (photography, sewing, rabbits, whatever)

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