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Remember that name thread?

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Not that long ago I remember briefly looking at a long thread about people shortening names, etc., and how some people can get upset... very upset.


Yesterday at the local ps where I work it came up in reality. One mom called in really chewing a teacher out (one of my team members) about calling her child "John" instead of "Jonathan." (Name changed as the real one would likely come up on a google search as it's unusual.) The teacher had to listen to this parent rave for a good while... and felt badly. She thought she recalled the student telling her to call her "John," but wasn't sure if her memory was going.


Then, yesterday the teacher apologized to the student and told her she should have mentioned that she didn't like it as we do ACTIVELY TRY to call the kids what they prefer. The student's response? She rolled her eyes, said it wasn't a big deal and preferred being called, "John!" :lol:


I heard about it all over lunch... as we discussed the matter and what we plan to do. "John" wins as that's what the student wants. By 8th grade, they're old enough to make their own decisions. BUT, when talking with mom, we'll try to use "Jonathan" (same reasoning).


It just seemed unreal to have an issue like this creep up so soon after reading a thread about it. I've been working there 13 years now and hadn't actually seen it before. The Hive is on top of things! I guess I'll need to read more threads to see what will come up next...


(And if you happen to be a parent in this situation, please make sure you and your student are on the same wavelength before chewing a teacher out about respecting your student's preferences. I sincerely feel sorry for my co-worker.)

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