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Kudos to Folger's lesson plans for Shakespeare

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Hello Hive ;)


My brain is tired but I wanted to share my enthusiastic support for the "Shakespeare Set Free" teaching guides. We have approx. 15 students, from 6th to 10th grades in a Twelfth Night workshop I'm facilitating with another instructor. I had to spend some time pre-reading and photocopying but the kids are doing great! The key is that they get the kids on their feet actually reading Shakespeare. I do find it challenging but it is actually getting easier, now that I am relaxing and trusting the lesson plans. And I have gathered veils, men's suit jackets and hats, which have helped each actor get into their part. Cruising the thrift store weekly for costumes :tongue_smilie:


I'm just so happy with what the kids are learning and accomplishing. FYI we are going for 6 weeks, meeting twice weekly for 1 hour (though we are trying to extend 1 class to 2 hours every week so the acting is not so rushed.) The guide suggests a short list of lessons for those of us not meeting 5 days each week.


Best wishes to you all!

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The Folger website has a teaching material area which I pulled bits from but I went ahead and purchased the Shakespeare Set Free books via amazon. There are 3 which teach Twelfth Night and Othello, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet and one other which teaches Hamlet plus Henry IV, Part 1. You could probably do much with the free online resources. However we have a large group with parents paying money and I'm not experienced at teaching Shakespeare --- so I bought the books and have no regrets ;)



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I thought I'd give a plug to the resources we are using that we have thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from.


Netflix is streaming In Search of Shakespeare. Great background info on Shakespeare's life and the times. https://signup.netflix.com/movie/In-Search-of-Shakespeare/70213201


If that series peaks your interest (and especially if you are Catholic b/c as Michael Wood demonstrates in the PBS series, historical evidence is pointing toward Shakespeare being Catholic), Joseph Pearce's The Quest for Shakespeare is in EWTN's audio library for free. http://www.ewtn.com/vondemand/audio/seriessearchprog.asp?seriesID=7136&T1=


The downloads from the American Shakespeare Center run 200 pgs for $7.50. Many of the activities are geared toward groups. I am really starting to work w/these this weekend to see how to implement it at home. I'll be able to give a better review the end of next week (We will using the Macbeth one this week.)

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... Playing Shakespeare -- which (of course!) I recent bought for about $70 :001_huh: I think older kids would enjoy them -- I certainly do and they have John Barton of the RSC holding masters classes with Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Ben Kingsley :001_wub: among others.


He takes you through finding the poetry and more in the words and also reviews rehearsing, exploring a character and so much more. Again, I just found them on Netflix Instant but also own the 4 DVD set.


Have fun!

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