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My 6th grade ds is so annoyed with girls.

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Let him know he may not always understand them though. :tongue_smilie: DH understands that I get disappointed sometimes but he doesn't really get why I let things affect me so deeply or why the disappointment lasts more than minutes. He just lets stuff roll off his back. He does feel disappointment but it doesn't take him long to say 'Oh well, it just wasn't meant to be,' and then he's up and off to the next thing. It boggles my brain!!

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"They never stop talking" lol Today some girls were crying because they did not make Glee Club. He just doesn't get it. He has so much to learn about girls.


Be sure to tell him that over a life span, men talk more than women. Also, there are girls who are really great sports and don't go out for Glee Club either. If you are gc girl, you are expected to be emotional, perhaps.


I am reminded of hubby's daughter complaining that men only think "of one thing". Well, your dress is split up the front 1/4 inch from flashing, your hair is garishly colored, and you are coated in makeup. It doesn't scream "I'm a bright, sincere, happy girl looking for a real mensch", does it?

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