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So, if you are a fan of The Office

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I have a ds who has enjoyed some episodes of The Office, but I've seen some that are later in the series and feel they're not appropriate for him. If you like the show and enjoy the humor, what's another good series that you like? I'm trying to offer him a comparable/acceptable substitute.



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To me, the main thing that makes The Office is that adult uncomfortable humor. So most of the things that do that are also... well... adult. I can think of shows that are a little cleaner, but sitcoms are pretty dirty now. Parks and Recreation is a bit cleaner, for example, but not always.

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He's 15. It's not like he doesn't "get" The Office humor, it's just that it started to get so se*ually oriented, that I just felt like it wasn't good viewing anymore. Hilarious characters, but awkward plots, kwim?


I suggested Parks and Rec, but he was bored by the first couple of episodes. Perhaps he needs to give it longer and get past season 1?

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