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Yikes ... Having trouble finding an AP Latin exam.

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Ds is taking AP Latin through Regina Coeli Academy. Our local high school, where he has taken other AP exams, doesn't offer this one and isn't being as willing to work with me on it, like they have in the past. None of the other public high schools in the are offer it and the private schools will NOT allow anyone but their own enrolled students to take the exam. Any ideas how I can get this for him. I would hate for him to miss out on college credit for not having access to it. I emailed the College Board, but, as of yet, have only received canned responses.


The local high school might allow my son to take it through them, with us paying an additional proctor fee, but they aren't promising anything. I am really getting concerned about this because I basically have a month to nail this down.


Any ideas?

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Rather than calling the College Board, I'd suggest searching through the online Course Ledger of approved AP sites. It's a great tool since you can search by both exam and location.


The AP Latin was one of the two most difficult exams for us to locate over the years (Physics C E&M was the other). We got lucky and found that it was offered at a public magnet school for the humanities in Richmond. That was before the ledger tool was offered online, though, and it took a few days of frantic calling on my part before I could locate a site. Calling the College Board for advice was not too helpful back then, either.


Good luck!

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I don't know how much time you have or how far you have to travel, but as a guidance counselor myself, I always recommend going into the school to ask, rather than on the phone.

It's much easier for the counselor to say "no" to a mom (or student) over the phone than face-to-face.

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Personally, this makes me really mad. There's no valid reason for your student not to join in with their private school students. I can see where a private school may prefer *not* to accommodate other children.


But in this case, a Latin national test, where there are fewer AP or SAT II site options, I think they should bend their rules.


If you haven't already, I would move up the ladder of decision-makers, including talking to the private school's board chair if necessary. Of course, you'll have to move very quickly.


Let us know how you solve this dilemma.


Lisa J, mom to 5

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