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Derek Owens--physics lab equipment?

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I was able to purchase all the electrical supplies locally at Radio Shack. I brought the supply list with me, acted dumb, and they helped me. ;)


Once I got home, I found each item online and linked them in an email to Derek. He then confirmed that I got the right thing or explained what I needed to get differently. Keep the receipt. I had to make 3 trips.


The prism was the only thing I had to buy online. I'm not sure where I got it, but it might have been this one at Delta Education.



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I bought the equilateral glass prism from our local teachers' supply store. I think it was cheaper than Amazon, but you can't beat Amazon's convenience, especially if you have Prime.


Sue, thanks for sharing your tip about emailing Derek with links to electrical supplies. We're almost at that lab, and I can totally see myself buying the wrong parts!

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Hobby Lobby has a nice little science supply section. I don't know exactly what Mr. Owens requires, but I've seen prisms and basic electrical circuits components there, as well as other cool stuff.


Lowe's also has some stuff in their specialty hardware section, although I haven't seen prisms there.


Harbor Freight Tools has lots of cool stuff at cheap prices. They have a digital multimeter for about $6 that works great for measuring current, voltage and resistance in circuits. Radio Shack's DMM is nicer, but if you're only going to use it for a few Physics labs, I wouldn't spend the extra bucks.

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I just got an email from Derek Owens (too late! we just got the prism and the electronics stuff at Radio Shack, haha), which everyone else taking physics right now must have gotten also, but I'm posting in case it helps folks later ... he's offering equipment kits for the last two labs to rent or buy. Here are the details.




ETA: perhaps this is in response to people pestering Derek about where to get the equipment? I hadn't wanted to bother him and we managed fine, but this would have been a nice alternative! Perhaps it's new ...

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