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Sneaky Chef or Deceptively Delicious?

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I would check them out of the library first. I liked Sneaky Chef for the nutrition information. I still use her flour blend suggestion, (1/3 ww, 1/3 reg flour and 13/3 wheat germ) in baking.


I haven't tried Deceptively Delicious.


If you decide to try the puree veggies, it was easier for me to make a large batch and freeze them in cupcake tins. Once they were frozen I transfered to a ziploc bag. Each cupcake size portion made 1/2 cup. I added them to everything: casseroles, spaghetti sauce, pancakes, baking. So easy when they are ready to go. I used the califlower/zuchinni and sweet potato/carrot blends the most.


Tip: I peeled the zuchinni at first so my children didn't see green stuff in their pancakes.

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