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Have you all seen this yet? A young man did his own version of Jaywalking at his public high school. Laugh, cry, and then wonder why everybody's so concerned about homeschooling.



Judging by one of the sweatshirts, this is a school in Washington State. So missing Olympia is pretty sad.

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My 15yo pointed out that this is as unscientific as Leno's Jaywalking segments. We have no idea how many kids were asked.


Obviously the young man is very bright and wanting to make a point. Possibly he got good answers, but then when the ridiculous responses began to pour in he decided to just highlight those.


DS said he would like to make a rebuttal video showing how much homeschoolers know, but he won't bother because nobody will believe in a positive video. They'll assume the kids were coached, prepped, and scripted. Americans only really like (and believe) supposed evidence that all children are stupid.


I countered that by reminding him of last year's civics test scores. This video matches pretty well.

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Studies have shown again and again how poorly U.S. high school students do with questions on history or geography.


However, with that said, although I knew the answers to the questions being asked, I wouldn't be at all surprised if my mind froze up if someone aimed a camera at me and held out a microphone.


Thanks for posting the video. I showed it to my DDs and we all got a good laugh at those poor students expense.




By the way, any idea why so many students thought we had 51 states?

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