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Job Interview! PRAYERS PLEASE!!

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Just got a call...you guys know before Wolf does, since he's out and doesn't have a cell on him, but I just couldn't wait :D


You might remember me posting a few wks ago that he'd applied for a job, that would have him working less hrs, doing what he's always wanted to do, and making more money.


Plus, the real estate in the area is in our budget.


And, as a HUGE extra bonus, the weather is much, much milder, which would be huge for me, in terms of RSD, since cold weather = pain flare ups.


Well, I just got a call.




*happy dancing*


So, if you guys could pray, pray HARD that this is the plan that God has for us, that he'll get this job, that we'll be able to do this, it would be so appreciated!

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Then I can tell you with authority that God wants you to get it. :D:D:D

:lol: Lets not even think about MIL. And the fact that she'd have nowhere and nobody else to visit other than w/us in that area.


Not thinking about it. Not thinking about it. Not thinking about it.


Do you think we have to tell her we're moving?


Already prayed!!! And will continue to. :D

Thank you!!

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Is it the same area y'all were looking at last year before baby?


Very exciting!



Last yr, we were looking at moving cross country, to my home province.


Time has shown us that b/c of Workers Comp issues, and family issues, we'd be better off staying in our current province.


Being in the same time zone as my parents has been shown, clearly, to be a bad idea.


Adore my Dad, would love to reconnect w/my brothers, but it seems that seeing my mother 1 wk a year ensures her being on her best behaviour. More frequent contact enables her behaviour to get worse...this has been shown even in terms of frequent phone calls.


(My mother fits the NPD criteria just as tailor made as MIL does).


For staying in this province, the place he's going to interview is the best in terms of weather for me, and real estate pricing.

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Well now I am even more excited for you! I am still rather surprised how fast time has passed - seems like just yesterday you were considering that other move.

I know, it's crazy!




Wolf and I were talking, and we're thinking/hoping/praying that this is what the plans are for us...and why things didn't work out for moving last year...that we're meant to be here, and this opportunity is part of why.

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Totally praying!!!!!!


And no, I definitely don't think you need to tell her that you are moving.

Bwah hahahaha!


As nice a fantasy as that is (in a perfect world, I wouldn't tell either of our mothers, just my Dad, and he'd keep the secret) it's simply not possible.


For one, our phone # would change, and there's no way, given her age and health concerns, that either Wolf or I would be comfortable w/being out of touch.

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