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CLE Math - Has any tried the new Algebra 1?

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I have been researching Algebra 1 options and was curious if anyone has used or compared CLE's Algebra 1 to other math curriculum yet?


It seems like CLE gets a lot of positive reviews for its Primary math. But I've heard very little about CLE 800, Algebra, Geometry, Trig, etc...



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As far as I know, the 800 series also gets positive reviews (we're just starting it). The few reviews i've been able to find about the algebra have been good, and it seems that the format of the other levels carries over into the algebra for a smooth transition.


I did email the company about availability and their response was April 1st for it being in the catalog and on-line for samples. So one more month and you'll be able to see those.


I am hopeful about it.

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The lower levels of CLE have been revised and are Sunrise editions. They are currently working on revising the upper levels. CLE is releasing the beta Sunrise edition of Algebra 1 this spring. They will have a copy available for viewing at conventions this year. It will likely be years before the revision of Algebra 2 is available. (This info was recently announced at the CLE Yahoo group.)

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I bought it at a homeschool conference this year, but won't be using it for awhile. Right now, it is in the format of 10 LUs like the other levels. Unlike the other levels, it is not meant to be written in. Eventually, they will be coming out with a full-color text once they are sure all the kinks have been worked out, but it may be a number of years.


I have heard positive comments about the algebra from beta testers. I have also heard that it was challenging. The one negative (for me) was that it doesn't continue to integrate geometry. For many kids, that won't be a problem, but this is an area of weakness for my son and he's been slowly building his geometry skills. So, when we do algebra, we will either add in CLE's Geometry -- Math Skills Development Series and do it a few times throughout the year so he doesn't forget everything or we will use Key to Geometry.


I haven't studied the books carefully, but there is a new topic introduced each day and then a review section, as with the lower levels. That is what we need here.


I think it is very doubtful Algebra II will be ready by the time we need it. It's possible it will be beta tested by that time, but I'm not holding my breath.


Oh, and if you e-mail the company, they will e-mail you a sample.



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