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If you were going to make a play structure yourself, how would you start?

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We want to make one, but I have no idea where to start. We have two trees in our yard that together make a V. They would be perfect to make a tree house/fort in with a slide going down out of it. It also want to make a swingset between two other trees that are next to the V trees. Maybe a teeter-totter too?


I know my boys would love to help my step son (who's 17 and very handy) make it, but I need some kind of starting point to direct my step son to.


Ideas? Anyone done this before?

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We started by browsing online for ideas and plans. DH eventually bought a book of instructions at a home supply store. There are plans and instructions for both decks and play structures. We actually built a deck, so DH put in pilings with the cement and all that structural stuff that I don't understand. ;) He left a section of the railing open and installed slide in the space. It's fun to be able to do what you want, but also takes time and a little research. Enjoy!

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My husband designed ours on Google Sketch-up. He ordered the materials from a local lumber yard, slides & swings from a big box store, and built in the yard.


We wanted something relatively simple, three swings & a slide ... but we wanted a *big* fort, which didn't seem available. Some day we hope to put sand in the box below the fort, but we haven't done so yet.

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