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Online Language Arts (writing/grammar)

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I am looking for an online curriculum for my 7th grader's grammar and writing. She is NOT enjoying having mom as a teacher for these subjects (understatement!), and I think she would benefit from an online method instead.


I've looked at time4writing and I think it could work. Is there something similar for grammar?


HELP!! :confused:

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Free online grammar program. My son worked through most of it last year (7th grade) but he still needed help in constructing better sentences. Easy grammar did help him learn most of the grammar basics and terminology, but it did not help him much with the application. This year he is working through Killgallon Middle School Grammar and Analytical Grammar, but we go over the exercises together.

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I have a younger child who is using Grammar Fitness from Merit Software. They have some writing titles as well.


Here are some other possibilities I have bookmarked for older students.







If you decide to try any of these, please review them for us!


FTR, Time4Writing has been successful here as well.

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I am now pairing Grammarlogues with just the text from GWG. This combination is working well.


The explanations in the GWG text are more clear and easy to grasp, then the slides in GL bump it up a notch in complexity. The exercises in GL are definitely better and more challenging than the GWG workbooks were. With all of that, grammar-only instruction still only occupies only 5-15 minutes per day.

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