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I think I'll choose afterschooling now

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I had a thread a few days ago about my concerns with my 7yo dd learning to read and public school.


I have since spent a good 5-6 days with her here at home (she's been sick, so no school) reading to her LOTS and having her read some too.


then, yesterday I got her to the eye doctor. he says she has a slight far sightedness which could make it a little harder to read. he said he didn't think it was bad enough to be the main problem, but was probably worth correcting since she consistently chose the corrected lenses as the "better" ones when tested. so....we ordered a pair of glasses.


dd did go to school yesterday where the teacher gave her another star reading test. this time she had jumped to a 1.2!! the teacher apparently took more time to explain the test to her and encourage her to skip over words she didn't know then guess them with context. she had only scored a 0.7 and 0.9 on it previously. so, I am feeling a lot better about all of this!


I think today at the parent teacher conference, I'll suggest the teacher and I determine ways to lessen distractions in the classroom for her (like places to move her desk, etc) while we continue feverishly reading at home.


so......I am ready to think of myself as an "afterschooler"!!! :):)


I have already ordered a few books that I liked the look of: story of the world I and the first well trained mind book. I also ordered an apologia science book that hasn't come yet, and we printed off some math mammoth.


I think mama just had to kick it in gear and figure out what wasn't working and patch it up!! we have 2 "big" kids (junior and 8th) and a foreign exchange student in our home, too, so evenings are busy and loud and often have ballgames. but dd and I will skip most of these and work together now :) dh can go to the ballgames or trade out with me.


any suggestions for other things to think about for afterschooling?:bigear:

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:hurray: Congratulations! More and more parents are realizing that it's THEY who are responsible for their children's education, not the schools. Parents choose the arrangement that's best for your child from what's available to them, and you're embarking on a more pro-active involvement. I'm proud of you! ;)


Whatever it is that you do at home, do not overlook math. Math in most public school districts has devolved into a social experiment with very weak content. Your dd is young, so you're in the perfect place to prevent her falling victim to it.


What's largely taught in ps is constructivism, or hands-on discovery methods. While this sounds lovely for first grade, it's not so lovely for 8th graders. :glare: What you can do at home is provide the balance and additional practice that's likely missing from her ps curriculum. (If you want to ask what math program her teacher is using and throw the name out here, you'll get all kinds of feedback.) My top recommendations are Saxon Math or Singapore Math. The Well-Trained Mind recommends these and some others.


Let us know how it goes!

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Hi there!

I'm pretty sure that parents are responsible not just for their children's education, but for their behavior in public too. Ever seen those uncontrollable kids in stores? Looks awful!

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I'm about to order Rightstart math's card games set, and I am looking at some card games on Amazon that include addition and subtraction just as part of the game.


I am mainly doing Abecedarian Level B with my son -- but it is specific to him and what I think he needs to work on.


I read to him a lot but all his choice. He likes books with vocabulary I am happy with, so that is okay for right now. Aka I am not reading him anything like SOTW. I think it is great you are doing that for your daughter, though!


I would say phonics is what our school shorts. But -- my son needs extra practice, too, more than average for his class, and he is not getting what he needs at school imo.

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