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Hunger Games for school?

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I'm at a total loss as to where this should be posted (K-8 or HS) so I thought I'd just go with the middle ground and go general.


Has anyone done something with The Hunger Games for school? If so, what did you do?



DS10 and I have recently finished the trilogy. DD12 is at the end of Mockingjay. DH is ready to start Mockingjay. We all love them. So, I decided to ditch some of my literature plans to have us reread the trilogy while doing some fun projects to go along with it. Here are some I've come across in my research to find ideas.


Chose a character and create a Fakebook page for them. This requires them to update the character's status updates and comments as we read through the books. They can include status updates from before the character enters the scene in the book through the end of the book or the end of the character.


Write about what is in the other backpacks at the feast at the cornucopia. State why you think that's what is in the backpack. What clues in the story made you pick that item?


Create a wordling using the mockingjay pattern and words, phrases, or sections appropriate to the story. (We're doing this by hand rather than using software.)


Write down names used in the books and do some research on those names? Do you think the author chose those names for a reason? Which ones do you think were chosen with a purpose? Why?


Write down the numbers used in Mockingjay and do some research on those numbers. Do they have any significance that might show they were chosen for a reason? (A couple of them, at least, do appear to be picked with a purpose.)


Create your own Capitol mutants. What do they look like (create a drawing or realistic description) and what are they able to do?


Compare and contrast district 11 and district 12 in a venn diagram.


Create a map or diorama of Panem and/or the Hunger Games arena and/or the Quarter Quill arena.


Create marketing materials for a tribute in an attempt to gain sponsors.


Compare survival in the hunger games arena to survival on the island in Lord of the Flies.



Most of these come from http://www.hungergameslessons.com/. She's a teacher that uses the books in her classroom. She sells her lesson plans at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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Have to agree this is a fantastic series!


I did a quick search about a week ago. There are several great ideas for student activities related to the books.


One of the ideas that sticks out in my mind is to design an arena for another round of Hunger Games.


I am sure you can come up with many more great ideas.

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I planning to have my son read them next year as the introduction to our study of dystopian fiction. We're also going to read at least some chapters of "The Hunger Games Companion," which discuss the relationships between the Hunger Games series and classic novels.


I'm keeping a copy of your list of project ideas, by the way, so that I can show them to my son when we get to that part of the year.

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Scholastic has a series of discussion/essay questions for all three of the books. I've used some of those. They range in depth, and I think most would even be appropriate for high school students. I porobably wouldn't bother with them for a child under 11. I'd stick more with WWE or WWS instead. My 12 yr old semed to enjoy the excercise of some of the questions, however, and enjoyed discusssing some with her sibs. Your ideas sound great.

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