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Orthodox Christians - help with iconography

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Much of Orthodox Iconography is Russian. What I mean is, even in my Antiochian church the Iconographer was Russian. If you want to pm a couple of us your location we can see if there is a good church near you that could provide a hands on tour.


Here is another link that I like http://www.iconarts.com/originstechnique.html


This might be of interest. It is not renaissance, but it is fascinating. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XddLDufkaig

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Hi all,


I am leading a history club meeting on Russia in the Renaissance and want to have them study Russian iconography and architecture. We will probably to an architecture tour over the summer, but I thought it would be good to talk about iconography. What resources would be good for a group of 9-12 year olds?



Pictures of God: A Child's' Guide to Understanding Icons

An Orthodox church that has a lending library might be willing to lend this to you (if they have it). Just a thought!

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I had the privileged of working with a Russian Iconographer last Fall. While he was here in Houston he made the time to visit this collection, and purchased this book for his own use. I was able to look through this huge, museum quality book, and highly recommend it.


It is called Imprinting the Divine. https://www.menil.org/secure/ancient.php


I imagine it is quite pricey as it is a large coffee table size book, but it was impressive!


We actually used this book to finish off the specific filigree designs for our church.

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