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Grain-free trouble.

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We eat paleo, grain free.


They will eventually level out.


My son lost a lot of weight, but he was overweight. My daughter only lost 5 pounds. She was slim to begin with. I would suggest increasing their intake of veggies, add potatoes if you can. If they are eating more meat than veggies, then they will lose weight quickly.


My son lost weight so fast, that it scared me. But we found out later that he was also having gallbladder issues. He did finally level out, he is very thin and he has only gained about 10 pounds. And his appetite is typical for a growing teenager.

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Yes, that can be an issue. DH and I are grain free, but the kids aren't. They eat rice and some corn, and they get small amounts of a few other GF grains in their GF bread.


I tend to agree with Kurt Harris's take on carbs (see quote below). I figure kids fall in the "need to gain weight" category, so he'd probably suggest they eat more rather than fewer carbs.

I am agnostic on macronutrient ratios outside of very broad parameters.


Archevore eaters typically range from 5-35% carbohydrate, from 10-30% protein and from 50 to 80% fat (mostly from animals) but wider ranges are entirely possible if you are not dieting and you are meticulous about the quality of your animal food sources.


If you are trying to lose weight, really minimizing fructose and eating 50-70g a day of carbohydrate as starch is recommended. Skipping breakfast or at least no carbs for breakfast can be very helpful.


If you are at your desired weight and healthy, 20% of calories as carbs is plenty for most very active people.


It is perfectly acceptable if you don't gain fat with it to eat more starch and less animal fat.



Harris does eat white rice.

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