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almost done with OPGTR


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My dd5 has really flown through OPGTR. I am constantly amazed at how instinctively she picked up reading. She is just a few lessons away from finishing the book.


I hadn't intended on her finishing so quickly so I am not sure what to do with her after. She is currently on ETC5 and is AAS2. I was thinking that maybe we could start WWE/FLL? Would that be too much? She is not having any troubles with ETC or AAS. She does ETC 5 days a week for about 10 minutes and AAS she does 3 days a week for about 15 minutes.


She really likes writing and reading - the only thing I noticed is that her print is still very large. Considering her age I am not sweating it, but ETC book 4 and 5 are geared for older kids and she never seems to have enough room on her paper. We have been writing it on a separate sheet so she has room and can use the guide lines.


So I was thinking I might have some options:


We have been doing OPGTR 5 days a week for 10-15 minutes a day. Is WWE/FLL something I can do in that time slot or does it require more time?


Or should I take that OPGTR time and just have her practice penmanship daily for 10 minutes a day?


Or do you think we would be better just continuing with ETC and AAS and not do anything in place of OPGTR?



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Congrats to your daughter. I remember my daughter finished right before her 5th birthday which is November. We started WWE 1 the January after along with FLL. We took it slow she did good with it. But we only did it for 2 months then put it away. Nothing to do with academics, life just got complicated for us. We started back up in September and she just finished both WWE1 and FLL. I would say try it and see how she does. You can always stop and start back up at another time.


Again, congrats to your daughter she should be so proud of herself. We celebrated with a reading award made by me and a pizza party.

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I agree with the above poster. Remember, also, that you can use FLL and WWE independently, which is what my children (so far) have done. My dd7 is working on finishing up FLL2 and WWE1 right now, she was absolutely ready for the oral nature of FLL but not the writing of WWE when she was 5. Same with my son who is just starting WWE1 now, but is almost finished with FLL1.


I almost expect to use FLL1 & WWE1 concurrently with my 4.5 yo when she's ready (she's not yet). Her reading is just now taking off and she has the best penmanship of any of my 4 year olds so far.


I would definitely spend some time each day on penmanship before starting WWE if you think she needs that, although the WWE1 copywork paper is wide lined (widely lamented on this board, but I'm thankful for it!)

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