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If you cut calories, how do you keep your body from adjusting?

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I :001_wub: sweets... I :001_wub: chocolate.... I :001_wub: soda.... I :001_wub: Starbucks


My waistline :001_unsure: is showing it.


Every couple of years, I get motivated to cut my empty calories and lose some weight. It only takes 10-15 lbs to drop me down to a reasonable size. After the first month or so, my body adjusts to the calorie drop and I stop losing.


Increasing exercise over what I already do, isn't really possible due to a back issue. I really believe it is just that my body gets used to the calorie differences.


What is the best way to keep you body from doing this? I am an all or nothing type person. It is hard for me to curb my habits for a few days or weeks, and then go back to old habits and then back to being good again. It takes me about 2-3 months of breaking the snack habit before I start eating healthy again without thinking about it. It is hard to keep motivated on month 2 and 3 when I am no longer losing weight.


I work in a store that sells all the things I love, so it is hard to just say 'don't keep it in the house' to keep my habits over 6 weeks or so.

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Cut out sugar and eat organic whole foods. Have "treats" be real treats :) That's how I did my 25 or 30.. in the last year. Now I'm trying to walk every day... Those are my thoughts... And... now I have to warm up my pizza ;)


I do that, but it seems like after a month, I stop losing and my body is just used to that way of eating.

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Not sure, but I think adding more muscle will do the trick. It's like getting a bigger oven--you can bake more in it--that is, more muscle will increase your metabolism and you'll be able to take in more calories because you'll burn more.


In theory, supposedly. Ymmv. (What other caveats can I add? :D)

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Strength training. Go see a physical therapist for exercises that you can do with your back issues. Swimming comes to mind. You will have to move or you won't continue to lose weight after a certain point.


I already do the ones my PT approves. I have 2 blown disks and a complicated conjoined nerve issue that is right on top of the disks which translates into sciatic issues. I have nerve pain from my lower back to my toes is both feet. It is not operable, so I have to be careful to not make it worse. My PT is amazing and had helped me regain a lot of my life back, I am just not allowed to do most strength training.

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Are you cutting calories too much? If I cut way back on my eating, I stop losing pretty quickly. If I cut back some while still being able to eat a healthy amount of food including plenty of fruits and veggies, I will continue to lose, although not necessarily at the same pace. I mostly walk for exercise and I find that I need to eat a little more when I walk 6 miles/day vs. only walking a couple miles or I also stop losing. Just what works for me.

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