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HOD Emerging Readers ?


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I posted on the HOD board, but it moves too slowly for my impatient self. ;)

I'm wondering for those of you who used OPGTR for phonics, at what point did you start the ER's? I know it says to finish phonics, but OPG is (I think) a bit more extensive than most phonics programs and I would think the ER's would probably work fine somewhere in there.


So what did you do? Did you complete OPG first, or around what lesson did you start the ER's?

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My 5 yo started the Bible reader when she was about half way with PP.I'd say if the child can read long vowels, consonant&vowels diagraphs , -ed endings , -cial sound, scwua ( I know I didn't spell this right ) , basically when a phonics program it's finished , but PP and I think OPGTR go beyond that to a higher level, probably 2nd or 3rd , while the Bible reader and the first easy readers are at 1st grade level.


By the way we loved these readers, especially the Bible. Excellent comprehension & thinking questions.


I would say try it and if the child is unable to read more than 2-3 words/ page , then I'd wait.

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