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middle school Am, History in 8 weeks.

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next fall we are going to get back in sync. and do HO middle ages.


ds has already started it, so while dd catches up, I want to give ds an american over view.



Here's who we are:

I will be using the Collier brother's Drama of American History as spine when we really do American,

and the only problem I have with Hakim is the patronizing tone.


Maybe a HS cliff notes kind of thing?


Any ideas?


~christine in al

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I love that we have this "place"

For those of you who haven't been to a ( good) therapist, a good one basically listens while you sort out your own issues.


Well, knowing that at least one person would read my post, allowed me to think through what I can do.


I found an " Idiot's Guide to American Gov." on my shelf and am busy planning out ds' first 9 weeks of next year. Sort ed !!


thank you.

~chrisitne in al

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Painless Am History. good to know about.

I may end up needing to come bak to that.


He loves History and I think it's important, just can't do everything at the same time.


I just bought a trad Gov book from Ebay for 4 dollars with shipping. We'll work on the mechanics ( the grammar of AM history ???)

but will add videos to that. thanks a million.


~christine in al

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Just saw your post and I was going to suggest Painless American History which is much like your guide you already have. You may want to add in some DVDs as well. Perhaps some of the American Experience DVDs would work?


We are spreading this out over the year, but yes this could easily be done in 8 weeks. We're also doing Painless American Government (dd loves the format so much that we have all the Painless books).

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