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Looking for a good website that will help me discuss our involvement in Iraq with dc.

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My two oldest have heard dh and I talking about terrorism, Iraq, Osama Bin Laden, our troops in Iraq...they don't watch the news so they have been pretty sheltered from it all, but they are asking for more information and I believe they are quite old enough and mature enough to learn about this history in the making. I'd like to be able to give them an overview of how it all started, why we are involved, what other countries are involved, who is on who's side, what the fighting is all about, what is the U.S.'s goal...you get the idea.


I don't really want a book as I don't feel like going to the library and I don't have the funds right now to purchase anything. I'd really love a couple online resources that are geared toward teens, but any sites that just give the facts and don't have an agenda or political\religious slant would be great (is that even possible?).


Can you help?

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I haven't watched any of these, so you might want to preview:



My kids and I did watch a documentary about the wetlands restoration when it was available on Netflix. The one we watched didn't discuss the war specifically, but the children were able to see that the ruler of the country had intentionally destroyed huge areas of wetlands just to get rid of the people living there. That told them a lot about why we were at war.

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