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Biblioplan - Does it use MOH in order?


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Hi -


I accidentally posted this message on the general board. I'll try here instead.


I am considering using Biblioplan Ancients next year. Does it go through MOH in order? Do the activities and other literature relate to the MOH stories? I am trying to decide if I want to use just MOH or MOH and Biblioplan.



Thank you,



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I used Biblioplan Year 3. We used MOH volume 3 with it as well. For the year that we used, most of what we read in MOH was in order, with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 lessons. I did however notice, that whatever we read in MOH was a repeat of all the other books we had already read. We used SOTW vol. 3, and we also read a lot from Streams of Civ. vol. 2 which is where a lot of the repetition happened.


A close friend of mine has used Biblioplan Ancients, and is now halfway through year 2. I believe that most of what was in the Ancients year was used in order. Though she did comment that MOH was her favorite book, she also said they were reading SOTW vol. 1 and didn't care for it as much as MOH. Now that they are in year 2, she has had some frustration with the way Biblioplan has skipped around in topics. For instance, she said that instead of being completely chronological, the plan grouped things more by topic at times, though not all the way through.


All that to say that, it seems that most of what Biblioplan does is chronological, there are times when it is out of order. I am not completely sure that it schedules every lesson from MOH as well. But there again, I have only done year 3.


If you really like MOH, I would just do that as your spine on its own. Biblioplan is great if you want to add in all the timeline pieces, history questions and other activities, but if used in its entirety, MOH is just as complete as Biblioplan.


Hope that helps! :001_smile:

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