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Which would be best?


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My dd, who is 8, and my ds, who is 6, both have very sloppy handwriting. Dd's is sloppy because she is dyslexic and ds's is sloppy because he doesn't like to write.:glare:


Both copy about a paragraph a day. I was thinking about shorting down the copywork to one sentence and making sure it is very neat and slowly adding more.


Would this be better? Or is copying a paragraph more beneficial?

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that's what I'm doing with my ds 9--we use WWE and that's usually pretty short (at least as far as we are into the book)--he has sloppy handwriting that I'm trying to get a little more legible and ON THE LINE LOL and without a capital letter in the middle of a word---and he hates to write long things too....slowly but surely he's getting better-even dh has noticed....

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