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Question about high school transcripts

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We do math all year long (including over the summer 2-3 days a week). My 8th grader will be starting Algebra 1 within the next 2-3 months. What would I put for her high school transcripts for math? Would I put Algebra 1 since she will finish that sometime during her freshman year? She will start Algebra 2 towards mid/end of 9th but not complete it. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks

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Honestly, it doesn't matter. They will have done the majority of their Health 1/2 credit in the fall, but we didn't finish. On the transcript, I will have the 1/2 credit in the fall. I'll have Driver's Ed ( March - December) for 9th grader and Computer Programming ( March - June) for my 11th grader listed as spring semester courses.

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Because the year she completes Alg. I will be 9th grade, and the year she completes Alg. II will be 10th grade, I would list them as such.


You can choose to create a transcript where grade isn't listed, just the sequence of courses in the order they were taken. I have seen several different options when it comes to listing courses on transcripts - year taken, grade taken, no grade listed.

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We do our transcripts listed by SUBECT, not by grade or year -- and I only include a completion date for the credits if required by the specific institution or agency needing the transcript. So far, none have asked for completion dates.


This really helps clean up what would otherwise be very messy transcripts, as all of our science credits, and several other credits as well, have been spread out over 2, even 3 years.


I'm sure there is always a "first", but I have *never* heard anyone on this Board express that they had a problem -- or even anyone question -- their transcript that was organized by subject rather than by grade or year.



In this hypothetical example, in which Algebra is finished halfway through 9th grade, Algebra 2 done over 9th/10th grades, geometry finished halfway through 11th grade, and Pre-Calc. done over 11th/12th grades.


example without completion date information:



course . . . grade . . credit

Algebra 1 . . . A- . . . . 1.0

Alegebra 2 . . B+ . . . . 1.0

Geometry . . . B . . . . 1.0

Pre-Calculus* . B . . . . 1.0

total credit completed 4.0


*= dual enrollment at My City Community College



example with completion date information



course . . . . grade . . credit . . completion date

Algebra 1 . . . . A- . . . 1.0 . . . . . Jan. 2012

Alegebra 2 . . . B+ . . . 1.0 . . . . . May 2013

Geometry . . . . B . . . . 1.0 . . . . . Dec. 2013

Pre-Calculus* . . B . . . . 1.0 . . . . . May 2014

total credit completed . . 4.0


*= dual enrollment at My City Community College


For the date, instead of using words for the date, you could use numbers, such as: 01/2012 -- OR -- 01.12



Again, while I DO keep all information for my own records, I gear each transcript (whether for a scholarship, for participating in high school sports, college entrance, or applying for a special program) exactly to what is needed for that institution or agency asking for the transcript. Especially for those employees processing college applications and transcripts, the more streamlined it is, the easier it is for them to process/use that information -- which is usually much more about checking that the student has completed enough of the different credits in each of the subject areas for admission.


While I think showing how the credits were accomplished (home, online course, community college, etc.) is critical, WHEN is not critical to me, unless it is asked for.


Just my lengthy 2 cents, FWIW! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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