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Would you set your logic age students loose with First Form 2-4 w/dvds on their own?

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I'm barely hanging in there with First Form 1. I have my workbook, and take all quizzes and tests. My children FAR exceed my capacity to memorize and synthesize. I had 3 semesters of university Latin. I could read works fluently back then. Now, I have trouble remembering all the FF vocab and I can't translate phrases worth squat. I barely remember the conjugations and declensions each week - I can recite them but I have to take a minute to remember what each means... My children have automaticity that comes so quickly, it is very frustrating to me. I actually hate studying this, though I know it is good for my aging brain.


So, I'm thinking about taking this off my plate this coming year and just letting them go on through the FF alone and with dvds. Holding them accountable of course, with oral drill etc. Then, online classes in high school to prepare for AP Virgil. What do you think?? Should I press on or let them go ahead on their own?

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I hear you! I am trying the same thing with my ds and I am having trouble with the memorizing also. I told him one week that I was going to set up a review week until I realized that "I" needed the review - not him. He's doing fine. I'm trying also, but it's harder with everything else I have going on. He is not homeschooling other children and keeping everything running. I want to set him loose also, but know that he would be on his own completely without any help from me. Scary...There's always the summer to catch up! I've also thought about giving myself a cheat sheet with all the declensions/conjugations/vocabulary on it so I could at least keep up even if I don't know everything really well.



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