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Unhappy with math

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My 7th grader is at a part-time school where she takes math along with several other subjects. I am unhappy with the math text. The new math teacher is too, though they won't change it till next year since everyone has already bought this one. It's Glencoe Course 2.


Maybe I'm wrong about this level of math. The text has mostly computation practice - converting, adding, multiplying fractions; working introductory algebra problems; converting measurements, etc. My big complaint is there is no application of using the computation in real-world problems. Is that right or wrong? Is it still just computation like practicing long division was years ago?


Is there a supplement for something like this I can buy? Is Art of Problem Solving going to have my child apply developing an algebra problem for a word problem? I dislike calling them word problems, but that's what we're missing!


Based on the teacher's recommendation, I plan to have her work over the summer on the few sections of the pre-algebra course she needs to complete so that she can start algebra in the fall.


Recommendations for that?


I don't know what textbook series they will choose for next year. I do know the new math teacher likes McDougall Littell. She will be teaching all grades through calculus. She is a calculus teacher turned homeschool mom, so I trust she knows something about textbooks. But, I'd love to read about McDougall Littell as well.

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Ds 12, 7th grade, is taking AoPS Pre-Algebra. The focus is on developing concepts and rationalizations/proofs. It is not geared toward real world application type problems.


You might consider NEM or another Singapore math series. Dd has worked in NEM1 and 2. While quite rigorous, it is strongly directed towards application. NEM1 is meant to be a 7th grade text. It has several chapters of typical pre-algebra topics, a few chapters of beginning algebra, more chapters of applications using the algebra concepts, then some geometry chapters.

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Thanks for the replies.


She is understanding just fine. I don't need additional instruction on the concepts. What we need are actual word/application problems. Our text just doesn't have them.


The samples of Singapore is not showing what I am looking for. It is just problems, not word problems.


Lial's college math looks better.


Any other suggestions?

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Have you already done HOE? For some reason I thought you had. It has the extra problems book. Only algebraic stuff, not decimals, etc., but it might work.


When you hit algebra 1, Foerster would make an easy option for adding word problems. Or if you want to go WAY out of the box, go look at the Comap stuff. KarenAnne turned me on to this, and it's SO different, I'm trying to figure out if we could pull it off or not. It would definitely be interesting for the right child.

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