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x/p Sonlight users: Thoughts on using the 4 days schedule instead of the 5 day

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In the fall, we will be using SL for the 3rd year, but it will be our first time using two separate cores (plus I'll have a 1st grader in the mix). I am seriously considering using the 4 day schedule. Other than the obvious fact that there will be fewer books scheduled, are there any disadvantages to using the 4 day schedule? Please share your thoughts with me.



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We use the four day now after using the five day. I really love the flexibility it gives me. I have a day now for co-op and friends to come over. It just works so much better for us. I don't feel like I am getting less of an education or missing out on books because there is so much even in the four day program. Good luck!

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From what I've heard, the 4 day schedule crams almost all of the history in and leaves out some read alouds, so you'll be doing a bit more each day that you use the schedule.


We do the 4 day schedule, but I don't go down the columns. I go across. So usually I do Bible on Monday, History on Tuesday and Wednesday (because there's a lot), Science on Thursday, and Read-Aloud on Friday. That's in general, but I also mix it up a bit and do the read aloud until it's done for a few days or whatever. What I try to do is stay on the same IG page for everything except the read aloud then go to the next IG page after that. I fit in the 5 day books when I can either as read-alouds or I have the kids read them to themselves.

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