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Can't watch Downton Abbey online

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Does anyone know why I would be getting a message that says, "This video only available in the US" when I try to watch Downton Abbey online or on the PBS app? That's how I've watched every week until tonight and I am in the US, so I don't know what the problem could be. :confused:



I am trying to be rational but the thought of missing my show...



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Maybe reboot? Or shut down your wifi and restart it? You ip address must look to the PBS server as if you're not in the US for some reason, though perhaps some techie will step in and explain.


By the way, it worked fine for dh and I. We tivo'ed it, but the recording was messed up. Dh was annoyed that I wanted to watch on the computer instead of waiting for the rerun, but I insisted. :D

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