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Has anyone used Lial's BCM after TT7? (x-post)

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We did use BCM after TT 7


When we transitioned I always made sure that he was only assigned 22 problems each day. This is what TT assigned. I didn't want him overwhelmed. THe BCM has a lot problems. It worked out well. I never assigned more than 30 problems each day no matter the unit.


The only thing with BCM is they only review previous lessons at the end of each unit unlike TT7 that reviewed previous stuff daily. It does not have any daily reinforcement of previous lessons. This was the only down fall to the book. I had to add review problems daily to keep the concepts fresh in his mind. This may not be a problem for some students but my ds needed the constant reinforcement


I still absolutely believe BCM is a better math program. It just needed tweaking for us.

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