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Jann in TX: Lial's Question


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If I am unsure of a student's background I prefer BCM to Pre-Algebra... it is not as stressful.


If I am sure a student had a strong middle school math background then I really really like the Lial Pre-Algebra text-- it actually has quite a bit of Algebra in it-- but it can be challenging if the student is not ready. I use the Pre-Algebra class with my 'honors' students... I had to call the class honors because the pace is pretty fast... 'slower' or non-mathy students would have a hard time keeping up with our pace.


BCM is a nice SOLID Pre-Algebra course-- with just enough Algebra 1 at the end (basic equation solving) to ease the student into a full Algebra 1 course.


Lial Pre-Algebra covers basic math AND the first 4 chapters of Algebra 1 (not as deep as in the full Algebra course--but still quite a bit more than other Pre-Algebra texts).


The best thing to do if possible is to take a look at both texts. They are set up the same way-- the FULL teaching lesson is in the text and each lesson is designed for BLOCK scheduling- so 2 days average per lesson (odds) and 2 for the chapter reviews (all).



I prefer the LAYOUT of Introductory Algebra to the layout of Beginning Algebra... I like the larger font size and the practice problems in the margins right alongside the lesson-- "read the lesson example then work a practice problem--if you did it correctly move on to the next example"... both programs cover the same material with practically the same teaching.


The paperback texts lie flat and are nice to work with-- I DO reinforce the covers with clear self-laminating sheets. They hold up amazingly well.

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Thank you for that thorough explanation. From that, I need Basic College Math for my son then Intro Alg. One would not do both texts then, I take it?


Would you be willing to share an ISBN for the text and solution manual with me?


Thank you again.

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