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Do you let your kids pay outside when they have colds?

Would you let your kids play outside with colds?  

  1. 1. Would you let your kids play outside with colds?

    • Yes, with no hesitations as long as they are dressed properly.
    • Yes, but only if it is 65ish or warmer, and they are dressed properly.
    • Nope, no matter how warm it is. It would make them sicker.
    • Other

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DS(5) has a cold, as do I. DD(2) is fine so far but will probably get our cold eventually since that is how it goes around here.


The sun is shining and it is in the mid 60's outside. Would you let your kids play outside if they are sick with colds? I hate their having to be cooped up and think the fresh air would be nice, but I also don't want DS (or myself) getting sicker.

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Yes, I do, if they aren't uncomfortable and it isn't a bad one where they feel terrible. I will also probably make them wear warmer clothes or hats, because wind blowing in an ear that has been bothering you doesn't feel good. I play it by ear though. Usually a cold lingers, but they feel better towards the end of it. That is when I would let them out. If it is the first day or so when they feel tired and sluggish, then no I would have them rest instead.

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It depends. My son has lung issues and a pulmonary appointment later this week. If he had a cold right now, then I probably wouldn't want him playing outside until after his appointment. I would be trying to get him well before then.


Once when I took a sick baby to the doctor he said that the cold air was exacerbating the illness. I don't even know if the doctor had labeled it bronchitis. We did have some breathing treatments as part of the healing process, and maybe abx. I can't remember exactly. I do remember his comment about the cold air because we were accustomed to walking daily and I had to cut that out for about a week or so during this illness. Also I remember the doc debating whether to bring him back in 2 days for a recheck but didn't want him to have to go outside. I can't remember what he decided.


But that was more than just a common cold. For a common cold, if they have the desire and energy, yes, go play outside.

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(vs dh's grandparents who thought moderately cold weather could actually make a person sick - in the South, no less :blink: )

For people who believe this, the danger has more to do with the change in temperature from what you're accustomed to, than with it being extremely cold in absolute terms. This is also why drafts are thought to be bad: part of your body is getting (relatively) chilled, while the other parts are warm. So, while it may or may not be valid, there is some internal logic at least. And I tend to believe it, because we have some times in our California "winters" when it's ~75 during the daytime and ~32 at night, and we ONLY seem to get sick then.


(I seem to remember reading that in Korea, many people believe that having an electric fan in the room can kill you. I do draw the line at that. :001_huh:)

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I am part of other. :D


This time of year, no I would not, because cedar is high, and dealing with allergies on top of a cold is asking for my asthmatic to have an attack and my other kids to end up with some sort of infection. Most of year, yes, they play outside when sick, and even if they feel awful I try to sit them out in the sun for a bit each day. It seems to help them feel better quicker.

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Yes to being outside, but no to over exerting themselves. I believe that fresh air, (nearly) regardless of temperature is healthier than cooped nasty virus air.


However, I believe that we need energy to heal and if we over do it then it is harder to heal.


More importantly, I believe that as parents we gather information and then do what WE feel is right, not what it seems everyone else feels is correct.



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